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Kealba Hotel

Welcome to Kealba Hotel

Welcome to Kealba Hotel

Welcome to Kealba HotelWelcome to Kealba Hotel

Kealba Hotel's commitment to responsible gambling

Kealba Hotel is committed to providing the highest standard of customer care and responsible gambling. We recognise that whilst the majority of people who choose to gamble do so for enjoyment and entertainment, there are some people for whom this form of entertainment has become a personal and financial problem.

Whilst an individual's decision to partake in gaming is a personal choice, it's our responsibility to inform our customers about our gaming facilities and promote the services and support available to them should they seek help for problems associated with gambling.


Gambling may be a problem if you are:

  • Spending more money and time on gambling than intended
  • Hiding your gambling from other people
  • Borrowing money to pay for living expenses, including phone bill, groceries, petrol
  • Losing interest in other activities
  • Finding work or your role as a parent is affected
  • Lying about your gambling
  • Not going to work or home as often

      *Content courtesy of the Responsible Gambling website, a Victorian Government Initiative

Help is available 24/7!

Access the Commonwealth Government's website Money Smart In particular this Problem Gambling Article may be useful.

For immediate help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week contact Gambler's Helpline on 1800 858 858 or visit Gamblers Help Online for live counselling, online support and self help tools.

Responsible Service of Alcohol
The management and staff of the Kealba Hotel maintain the responsible service of alcohol is a responsibility shared by both the venue and the customer. For our part, we are committed to the service of alcohol to our customers in a professional and responsible manner, complying with all applicable laws and adhering to endorsed Liquor Service Codes of Practice. We recognise that alcohol abuse and alcohol consumption by minors are serious social issues. Our staff are trained in Responsible Service of Alcohol and actively promote responsible alcohol consumption by our customers. We also require current valid photographic proof of age identification to be provided by young adults before they are supplied with alcohol at our venue.

Responsible Service of Gaming
This venue is committed to providing the highest standards of customer care and responsible gambling. Our Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct describes how we do this. Responsible gambling in a regulated environment is when consumers have informed choices and can exercise a rational and sensible choice based on their circumstances. It means a shared responsibility with collective action by the gambling industry, government, individuals and communities.


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